Hello & Welcome

I’m Christof

As an energist I offer
treatments & coaching
and I am very happy to support you on your way
to more
Power, Happiness & Success


If you have questions about my offer
or would like to make an appointment
just give me a call

0049 – 173 – 19 32 694

My treatments serve to
in the holistic sense
activation and strengthening
your personal inner selfregulation and regeneration ability …

… and they can be applied to any wish
for psychological and physical harmony
the development of consciousness and spirituality

Male and female child blow soap bubbles

For these purposes I cordially offer
on the basis of my strong sensibility
to set the possible impulses for me

I’m not making any medical diagnoses
and I don’t make healing promises

I also do not make any recommendations
to refrain from a medical examination/treatment
cancel or change them

Any holistic treatment
is completely open in its outcome
and yet many things are possible

Beyond that I was allowed to experience
that also in the power range
“Top athletes of different disciplines and occupational groups
with strong physical and mental stress”

interesting progress can be made

So also here exists the possibility
these personal challenges
and the increasing pressure to perform
with more energy, calmness
a new and courageous vision of the future
to meet

Best regards

Your Christof

0049 – 173 – 19 32 694